Posted on January 10, 2022

UCLA Prof’s Book States Rittenhouse Killed Two Black Men

Hank Berrien, Daily Wire, January 6, 2022

A UCLA professor who is a self-described “Egyptologist” included a passage in a book she authored claiming Kyle Rittenhouse shot two black men, and when she was harshly criticized for her mistake, apologized but insisted that “America has a race problem,” a “deep-seeded obsession with patriarchal power,” and is plagued by “white supremacy” and “misogyny.”

Professor Kara Cooney tweeted:

On p. 341 of THE GOOD KINGS I state that Kyle Rittenhouse shot two Black men when instead he shot two white men. That was my mistake, and I apologize. The response has been a hateful stew of ridicule and denial that America has a race problem at all.

“If one mistake in a little known book about ancient Egypt elicits this much howling, it is to avoid discussing our larger problem, to avoid seeing our deep-seeded obsession with patriarchal power,” she continued. “So yeah, tiny detail of the book with a big mistake about a massive American issue. And that’s on me. But the white supremacy is still a problem. And the misogyny is still a problem.”