Posted on January 11, 2022

Pope Francis: Identity Is Being Erased in the Name of Protecting Diversity

Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News, January 10, 2022

Pope Francis made some unusually anti-woke remarks during a speech to diplomats when he said that “identity” was being erased in the name of protecting “diversity,” and that “cancel culture” is a form of “ideological colonisation.”

Cancel culture “leaves no space for freedom of expression,” the Supreme Pontiff told a gathering of ambassadors at the Vatican.

“The cultural roots that constitute the identity of many peoples,” are also under threat from historical revisionism driven by “ideological colonisation,” he warned.

The phenomenon of activist groups attempting to rewrite history “is invading many circles and public institutions,” he added, noting that, “In the name of protecting diversity, one ends up canceling out the sense of identity.”

As the Telegraph reports, “His speech was in Italian but he used the English phrase “cancel culture” – the concept is in its infancy in Italy and has barely entered public discourse, unlike countries such as Britain and the US.”

Last month, the Pope also compared the EU to a dictatorship for attempting to force through ‘woke’ rules on inclusive language {snip}