Posted on January 11, 2022

Afghan Refugee Allegedly Committed an ‘Unlawful Act With a Child’ at Marine Corps Base

Dylan Housman, Daily Caller, January 10, 2022

An Afghan refugee allegedly committed an unlawful act with a child while being housed at a U.S. military base awaiting resettlement.

The incident occurred at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia last year {snip}

{snip} reported that there was one “major criminal security incident” at Quantico involving the refugees. It occurred when one evacuee committed “what appeared to be an unlawful act with a child.”

After an investigation by security personnel, the refugee was quickly handed over to the FBI.

The 3,755 refugees housed at Quantico ran up a bill of $188 million for the Marine Corps and the Pentagon {snip}Quantico is only one of eight bases that housed more than 67,000 refugees, and Congress has approved $13.3 billion for the refugee resettlement effort so far.