Posted on January 27, 2022

Fairfax Public School Demands High Schoolers Participate in ‘Privilege Bingo’

Jordan Boyd, The Federalist, January 19, 2022

In the school district’s latest move defying Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s executive orders banning “inherently divisive concepts” from public education curriculum, Oakton High School, which is part of Fairfax County Public Schools, asked students to participate in a “privilege bingo.”

The exercise titled “identifying your privilege” is littered with bingo spaces accusing students who are a “military kid,” “white,” “male,” “cisgender,” “Christian,” and more of being privileged.

According to a report in The Daily Wire, Assistant Superintendent Douglas A. Tyson told concerned parents that the screenshot in question originated from “an approved FCPS English Curriculum lesson that is centered around students selecting a ‘choice’ test and examining in detail the author’s perspective on a wide-range [sic] of issues.”

The exercise, Tyson continued, was designed for students to determine whether authors have “privilege that may or may not be present in the work” and then reflect on their own biases based on their race as well as economic and educational status.

Parents and students in Virginia who have fought critical race theory and other radical ideologies in their schools over the last two years, however, aren’t so pleased.


On his first day in office, Youngkin announced a series of executive orders designed to curb the radicalization of the state’s public school system. One of his orders banned curriculum that claims “some students are consciously or unconsciously racist, sexist, or oppressive, and that other students are victims.”