Posted on November 18, 2021

Bill Maher Defends Parents Opposed to Critical Race Theory

Brie Stimson, Fox News, November 18, 2021

Comedian Bill Maher defended parents who are against critical race theory on Wednesday, saying he doesn’t think anyone is against teaching about the history of racism in schools but not that it’s the “essence” of America.

“There’s something going on in the schools that never went on before,” Maher, the host of “Real Time” on HBO, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo. {snip}

He said when he was a student he learned a little about slavery and racism but it was cursory and he didn’t learn it “viscerally” so he thinks teaching an “honest history of racism” would be good, but “that’s different than teaching that racism is the essence of America.”

He said that’s what parents are against {snip}