Posted on July 8, 2021

San Francisco DA Official Says Crime Surge Fears Linked to Racism

Peter Hasson, Fox News, July 5, 2021

A senior official in the San Francisco District Attorney’s office linked fears of a crime surge to racism {snip}

Kate Chatfield, a senior director in far-left District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s office, downplayed safety concerns amid a nationwide crime spike.

Chatfield was reacting to a Twitter user who said that “every single one of my friends right now is considering leaving” San Francisco due to crime fears. “My friends are scared for their children, and their husbands are scared for their wives,” the user wrote.

“‘Husbands are scared for their wives’ —-your reminder that the ‘crime surge’ crowd shares the same ideology as The Birth of a Nation,” Chatfield fired back, referring to an early 20th century White supremacist film.