Posted on July 8, 2021

Fox News Host Says Native American Land ‘Wasn’t Stolen’

Jake Lahut, Business Insider, July 7, 2021

Fox News host Jesse Watters went on-air Tuesday to say American land was never “stolen,” just “won on the battlefield” and “bought.”

“This land wasn’t stolen,” Watters said. “We won this land on the battlefield.”

“And we bought it, right? We purchased Spain – I mean we purchased Florida from Spain.”

Guest host Geraldo Rivera then asked Watters about Native Americans, who lost an estimated 90% of their pre-1492 population over decades of violence and viruses they had no immunity from as Europeans continued arriving.

“Well what about them, Geraldo? We won that territory on the battlefield,” Watters said. “It was an ugly, brutal battle, but we won it. We’re not just gonna give everything back to the indigenous people of this country.”


The co-host of “The Five” later doubled down on his comments during an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the network’s most viewed show.