Posted on July 26, 2021

Rep. Paul Gosar Announces He Is Sponsoring 10 Year Immigration Moratorium Bill

Jack Hadfield, National File, July 23, 2021

Representative Paul Gosar announced on Friday that he is sponsoring HR 4643, that would put a 10 year moratorium on immigration to the United States.

Gosar, widely considered to be the most pro-America First member of the House of Representatives, introduced the bill on the House floor on Thursday. HR 4643 would “prohibit the admission of aliens to the United States for 10 years,” an effort known as an immigration moratorium. In a tweet on Friday, Gosar said he was supporting the immigration moratorium “until we can figure out how to put Americans first.”

In a statement, Gosar slammed the current administration for “ignoring and actively assisting the violation of our federal laws, claiming that it has “literally and figuratively opened the gates and is waving” around 2 million criminals into the country. {snip}

“We can’t have legal immigration when we have rampant illegal alien invaders,” Gosar continued. “This is a threat to our national security and our economy and to our citizens.” {snip}