Posted on July 16, 2021

Families Sue Universal Orlando After Actor Made White-Power ‘OK’ Gesture Posing with Girls

Click Orlando, July 9, 2021

Two families are suing Universal Orlando after separate incidents during which an actor playing the “Despicable Me” movie character Gru made a racist hand gesture while posing for photos and video with biracial children.


According to the lawsuit, one documented incident occurred on March 23, 2019, when a 6-year-old girl referred to as J.Z. in the document attended a breakfast at Universal’s Loews Royal Pacific Resort and posed for a photo and video with a person dressed in the Gru costume. The actor placed a hand on her shoulder while displaying the “OK” hate symbol, according to the photo provided by the families. The hand gesture was on display for an extended period of time on the biracial child’s shoulder {snip}

The 6-year-old later printed out a screenshot from the video to bring to school for a project and was humiliated when she was told she could not display it for her class because of the hand gesture in the images {snip}

In February 2019, a person dressed as Gru did the same thing to another 5-year-old girl {snip}