Posted on April 14, 2021

MSNBC Lamely Tries to Blame ‘White Supremacy’ for Black-on-Asian Violence

Brad Wilmouth, Newsbusters, April 13, 2021

On The Sunday Show, MSNBC host (and Washington Post columnist) Jonathan Capehart devoted a segment to blaming “white supremacy” for recent high-profile cases of blacks violently attacking Asian Americans, often caught on video.

Capehart began the segment by recalling that after he wrote recently about hate crimes against Asian Americans, focusing on a white man who murdered several Asian women in Atlanta, readers called him out for not also acknowledging violence by blacks. {snip}


Capehart then brought aboard liberal activists A’Shanti F. Gholar of EMERGE and Linh Nguyen of RUN AAPI, noting that the two recently co-authored an op-ed in USA Today about Asian and African American activists supporting one another, and soon quoted from the article as he posed:

And you write, “In the wake of recent — of a recent spike of anti-Asian violence and with little evidence, many have begun to point to a divide between black and Asian Americans as the real issue facing our communities instead of naming the true culprit, white supremacy.” Talk more about that.

Gholar downplayed tensions between black and Asians, citing her work with Asian American activists, and concluded by hyperbolically claiming that “white supremacy” is the biggest problem in the country: “The reality here is what is dividing our communities is white supremacy. This is another tactic to not own up to the fact that white supremacy is the biggest threat not only to our communities but to our country.”

In one of his follow-up questions, Capehart fretted over conservatives defending Asians when they are discriminated against in the college admissions process.

Gholar then went into a rant accusing whites of trying to foment hostility between blacks and Asians: