Posted on December 7, 2020

‘Biden Effect’ Could Draw 140,000 Migrants a Month Across Border

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, December 4, 2020

Top Trump administration officials, eager to continue their immigration containment policies into a second term, are warning that a shift in the direction pursued by President-elect Joe Biden will turn the United States-Mexico border into an illegal immigrant crisis again.

With a “been there, seen that” approach, officials said that there are already indications of a coming border rush by illegal immigrants who believe Biden will be the next president and will take a more liberal open-door approach than former President Barack Obama.

“Joe Biden has already planted the fast-growing seeds of his first humanitarian crisis by saying they wouldn’t deport anybody for 100 days,” Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli said.

In an interview, he said that a “Biden effect” could lead to more than 1 million migrants rushing into the country next year, jeopardizing the economy, jobs, and healthcare.


In warning against a Biden presidency and a Democratic takeover of the Senate, Cuccinelli predicted that liberalization of the border and an expansion of legal immigration, as proposed by Biden, would lead to a surge of more than 140,000 migrants a month into the U.S.

And with the coronavirus pandemic expected to peak in January, which hosts Inauguration Day, he said the health crisis could cripple border towns. “They’re going to explode the situation at the border and in border communities,” Cuccinelli said.