Posted on July 1, 2020

Tucker Carlson, Now Officially the King of Cable News, Delivers Historic Challenge to GOP

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker, July 1, 2020

Tucker Carlson now has the highest ratings of any program in cable news history, adding extra weight to his historic program last night, in which he laid out the peril ahead if Biden wins and a clear strategy for the clueless GOP to follow in order to prevent that from happening.

If you missed Carlson’s opening monologue last night, it is embedded below in full, all 10 minutes and 48 seconds of it.

I don’t agree with every single point he made, but I still hope the mush-heads who keep the GOP acting like a whipped puppy, pathetically accepting the premises of the Democrats and trying to be accepted as by them and their media adjuncts, take heed.

Here is the peril Carlson sees if Biden wins (transcript via Fox News):

Republicans at all levels could lose this fall. If they do, there will be profound consequences for you. People who supported Donald Trump will be punished, there’s definitely no question about that. There’s never been an American political party as radical and as angry as the Democrats are now. Imagine them with unlimited power and that’s what they plan to get in their first year[.] … The point is, and it could not be clearer: Non-Democrats in America are in peril.

He invoked his interview with Senator Mike Braun Monday night, in which the Indiana Republican came across very badly in defending his support of a bill to make it easier to personally sue and bankrupt police officers for alleged abuses, a move that would drive every home-owning cop out of his profession.

“Yes, the Republican Party, flawed and infuriating though it often is. The fact remains, the GOP is the only institution still open to the rest of us, to Americans who want to live as they did just 15 years ago, quietly, productively, without being harassed and harangued by self-righteous lunatics who mean them harm. And they do,” Carlson said. “If you want to be left alone to do your job and raise your family in this country, you will need a protector. That protector must be the Republican Party. There are no other options, but it must be a very different kind of Republican Party.”

He predicted what the Democrats will do if they win the presidency and control of both houses of Congress, as polling indicates they will.  These predictions are based on what Democrats themselves have said.

  • They will immediately amnesty 20 million illegal aliens and get them on the voting rolls, making it impossible for the Republicans to win any more national elections.
  • They will abolish the Senate filibuster rule, allowing a 51-vote majority to pass into law anything they want.
  • They will enlarge and pack the Supreme Court, eliminating the constitutional safeguard against tyranny.
  • They will grant statehood to the District of Columbia, enlarging their Senate majority.

He then laid out the three points that the GOP must provide voters if it is to save the nation from slipping into a one-party tyranny.

“First is vigorous defense of total equality under the law. We are equal because we are citizens. Every American has precisely the same rights as every other American. Period. That is the promise of America,” Carlson said. “It’s why millions of people move here for a long time[.]  … It was obvious, but it no longer is obvious. And there are many who are working in the opposite direction. Republicans must counterbalance this. They must work as hard as they can to make America fair again

“Don’t get caught in pointless debates about whether or not this is a racist country,” Carlson added. “Clearly it isn’t. Prove it by making it less racist by making it a colorblind meritocracy. That’s our promise.”


“We are not a free society without that,” Carlson said. “This is not simply a debate about the First Amendment and its limits. It’s bigger than that and more important. If you can’t articulate something, if you’re not allowed, you can’t think. And that’s precisely why authoritarians try to control language. They’re trying to control your mind. Republicans should lead the fight against this without shame. Americans have the absolute right to tell the truth. This is not negotiable.

“Nor, by the way, is it a theoretical concern of interest only to intellectuals. Everything depends on it. If you can’t think freely, you can’t solve problems. Try to build a hydro plant or fly a commercial airplane. If certain categories of thought are off limits to you, it doesn’t work. The power grid collapses. Planes crash. Society degrades. No speech means no science, no art, no civilization.

His final point directed the GOP to care for its genuine constituency, the middle class of normal Americans.  I am in agreement with this general point, especially as it rejects GOP deference to Wall Street and globalist interests.  But not only did he disparage the GOP milquetoasts, but he also called out concern over the Russia Hoax (a mere coup d’état attempt) and the coronavirus as “partisan junk food,” to the delight of progressives.