Posted on July 14, 2020

Trump Signs Executive Order as He Courts Hispanic Voters

Aamer Madhani and Jill Colvin, Associated Press, July 9, 2020

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday that creates an advisory commission tasked with improving Hispanic Americans’ access to economic and educational opportunities, a push that comes as the president hopes to win a bigger share of the Latino vote than he did four years ago.

The commission has broad marching orders to foster school choice efforts and promote public-private partnerships in Hispanic-American communities.

“You are a treasure,” Trump told a friendly crowd of current and former Hispanic elected officials, business leaders and others who were on hand for the Rose Garden signing of the order. “The Hispanic Americans and the Hispanic American community is a treasure.”

Trump is walking a tightrope in his attempt to court Latino voters ahead of the November election while also courting his base supporters by underscoring his administration’s efforts to stem illegal immigration on the southern border.

In recent days, Trump has showcased progress his administration has made in building more wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and vowed to renew his effort to end legal protections for hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought to the United States as children. {snip}

But at the same time, White House officials and campaign surrogates are making a pitch to Hispanic voters that Trump built a strong economy prior to the economic collapse caused by the coronavirus pandemic, one that saw the unemployment rate for Hispanics reach all-time lows.


Just 26% of Latino Americans say they approve of Trump {snip}