Posted on June 4, 2020

A Short Glossary of Black on White Crime

James P. Lubinskas, American Renaissance, August 2000

Four Black Mugshots

Everyone has heard of the 1998 dragging death of James Byrd in Jasper, Texas. The following crimes, committed by blacks, are considerably less well known.

Caffey, Fedell; Ward, Levern; and Williams, Jacqueline — Three blacks from the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg killed a white woman, Debra Evans, who was pregnant with a mulatto child, because Miss Williams wanted a “light-skinned” baby. They cut open Miss Evans and took the baby, who lived. They then killed two of Miss Evans’ other children, Samantha, 10 and Joshua, 7, who were white. (Dan Rozek, “DuPage Jury Told of Murder Plot,” Chicago Sun-Times, March 12, 1998, p.8.)

Esau, Eli Clean — He was one of five black men charged with raping a white teenager in a Pulaski County (Arkansas) Jail. The five blindfolded the victim and forced him to perform oral sex on them. At least one of them raped him anally. A prosecutor noted that the blacks were “bragging that they were pimping this white guy.” (Elizabeth Caldwell, “LR Teen Pleads Guilty to Jail Rape,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, August 19, 1993.)

Evans, Edward — This black man shot and killed an aide to U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) in 1992 on the streets of Washington DC. One of Mr. Evan’s friends said he “bore a grudge” against white people and had vowed to kill one. Despite overwhelming evidence a lone black juror refused to vote for conviction, resulting in a hung jury. (“Race-Conscious Juries Free Killers,” Middle American News, February 1996.)

Fareed, Maurice — On May 24, 1996, Maurice Fareed, 24, killed a white delivery man and a white policeman in Dayton, Ohio because of his anger at whites. According to his mother, “. . . the last couple of days he said there wasn’t no hope and that white people were going to keep black people in slavery.” Police killed Mr. Fareed in a shoot-out. (Reuters, May 24, 1996)

Ferguson, Colin — This 35-year-old immigrant from Jamaica shot and killed six people — all white or Asian — on a Long island commuter train in December, 1993. Mr. Ferguson left notes blaming whites and Asians for his problems. (James Barron, “Portrait of Suspect Emerges in Shooting on L.I. Train,” New York Times, December 9, 1993, p. A1.)

Gang of Blacks — A dozen black teenagers went looking for a fight with whites in the Tampa area in May 1990. They found a fight and were trounced by the whites. They later returned with reinforcements and found a few of their opponents in a parking lot. They beat the unarmed whites with clubs. Most escaped but the blacks cornered one white and beat him to death with a two-by-four. A witness told police the blacks were yelling with each blow: “Don’t ever fuck with us again!” (Rex Henderson, “Beating Death of White Raises Racial Tension,” Tampa Tribune, May 20, 1990, p. B1.)

Gilmore, Danny — A 23-year-old white man got lost driving in a black neighborhood in Cleveland. He got into a minor traffic accident and a gang of blacks attacked him while he was waiting for the police. One beat him with a beer bottle and he collapsed in the street. A black got into Mr. Gilmore’s truck and repeatedly ran it over his body. Mr. Gilmore was with two friends who were black, who both escaped unharmed. According to a Cleveland homicide detective, “The mayor’s office does not want us to have racial killings in this town, so Danny Gilmore’s death wasn’t a racial crime. And I’m the tooth fairy.” (Ted Joy, “Danny Gilmore, RIP,” The Quill, May 1989, pp. 21-27.)

Harris, Joseph — A black postal worker in New Jersey who had been fired, shot and killed three whites and slashed another to get revenge against the “white-dominated postal hierarchy.” He was convicted of murder. (Thomas Zambito, “Guilty: Former Postal Worker Was Sane When He Murdered Four, Jury Finds,” The Record (Bergen, New Jersey), December 8, 1995, p. A1.)

Herbert, Robert — In January, 1991, Robert Herbert and three other black men made a pact to kill the first white person they saw walking down their street in Boston. Mark Belmore, a white student at Northeastern University was the unlucky man. The three blacks stabbed him to death. (Mike Barnacle, “A Double Standard For Race Crimes?”)

Knapp, Troy — A dozen black high school students beat this 35-year-old white man into a coma in late 1999. The blacks were on their way home from a high school dance at North Charleston (SC) High School when one was heard saying, “Yeah, we’re going to get us a white boy.” Police arrested seven people and charged them with second-degree lynching. (Herb Frazier, “Police Charge Seven Suspects in North Charleston Beating,” Post and Courier (Charleston), October 19, 1999.)

McCray, Terrence, and Lawrence, Ledell — These two black men decided to attack the next white they saw walking down their street in Jacksonville, Florida. Gregory Griffith, a retarded man, was the hapless victim. The two beat and stomped him unconscious; he died ten days later. (“Police: Murder of Handicapped White Man Racially Motivated,” Tampa Tribune, September 4, 1999; Asbury Park Press, March 7, 1991, p. A21.)

McCree, Clifford — A 41-year-old black man who had just lost his job, shot and killed five whites and himself in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A suicide note blamed whites for “economic lynching” and said, “I also wanted to punish some of the cowardly, racist devils . . . .” Mr. McCree had been fired because he kept failing drug tests and threatening co-workers. (Paul Carson, “Florida Gunman Wanted to Punish ‘Racist Devils’,” Reuters, February 10, 1996.)

McLauchlin, Melissa — A group of Charleston, South Carolina blacks abducted, gang-raped, tortured, and shot 25-year-old Miss McLauchlin and left her to die. They said they wanted to “get a white girl” in revenge for “four hundred years of oppression.” Miss McLauchlin was found still alive along a rural highway but died from her wounds. (G.J. Krupey, “Black Hate Crimes,” Heterodoxy, February 1996, p.1.)

Riddick, Gregory — Blacks in Kenosha, Wisconsin who had just seen the 1989 film Mississippi Burning about KKK atrocities attacked and beat 14-year-old Gregory Riddick. The group’s leaders, Todd Mitchell, told police they were “hyped up” after the film and wanted to “get some white people.” Mr. Mitchell received a four-year jail sentence. Mr. Riddick was left with permanent brain damage. (G.J. Krupey, “Black Hate Crimes,” Heterodoxy, February 1996, p.1.)

Rosenbaum, Yankel — About 20 blacks surrounded a Rabbinical student and stabbed him to death as they chanted “Kill the Jew.” The murder took place during the Crown Heights, New York, Riots of 1991. Blacks attacked and beat many other whites, including journalist Jimmy Breslin. (Jimmy Breslin, “It’s Not Simply Blacks vs. Jews,” Newsday (New York) September 3, 1991, p. 2.)

Twenty-five-year old white woman — A black man held a gun on a white New York City television producer and raped, beat, and sodomized her. During the attack the man shouted racial curses at her. Police did not classify the attack as a bias crime. (Murray Weiss, Don Kaplan, Paula Doneman, and Cathy Burke, “Cops Fume Over Lousy Video Of 6th Street Ave. Rapist,” New York Post, December 22, 1999.)

Wagner, Jerry — This 21-year-old black was charged for stabbing five whites in Chicago. He used a steak knife and an ice pick to attack five whites at random. He said he heard a voice that told him to kill white people and he yelled racial profanities as he stabbed his victims. (Phillip O’Connor, “Man is Charged in 5 Stabbing; Cops Say Incidents ‘Hate-Related’,” Chicago Sun-Times, March 17, 1997, p. 16.)

Westerman, Michael — On January 14, 1995, a carload of blacks shot and killed this 19-year-old from Guthrie, Kentucky, because he was flying a Confederate flag from his pickup truck. Two 18-year-old blacks were sentenced to life in prison for the murder. Mr. Westerman and his wife were on their way to celebrate the birth of their son. (G.J. Krupey, “Black Hate Crimes,” Heterodoxy, February 1996, p.1.)

Whitener, Michael — This 19-year-old black man admitted to shooting “the first whites to show up in the area,” in retaliation for an earlier shooting of a black man by a white policeman in Goshen, Indiana. He shot and killed Mark Elkins as he was sitting in a parked car. He shot and wounded another white man, who survived. (“105 Years Imposed in Murder,” Elkhart Truth (Indiana), April 18, 1996.)

White teacher — In 1997, a six-foot-tall black eighth grader attacked a white school teacher in her mid-40s with a claw hammer. He shouted “white bitch” as he shattered her eye socket and cheek bone. He was angry because she had threatened him with suspension for misbehavior. Some of her other black students knew about the planned attack but did not warn her. (John Kass, “Violent Kid Ends Teachers Dream–But He Had Help,” Chicago Tribune, July 22, 1997.)

Will, Richard — Black gang members beat and burned to death this 32-year-old white man in Chicago. Two black police officers had stopped him because of a broken tail light. When they discovered he had no license they towed his car. Mr. Will pleaded with the officers for a ride away from what he knew was a dangerous neighborhood but they refused. Wardell McClain and Michael Armstrong found him and burned him to death. (Michelle Campbell and Phillip O’Connor, “Friend Says Slain Man Had Begged For a Ride,” Chicago Sun-Times, October 28, 1995, p. 3.)

Yahweh Cult — Hulon Mitchell of the Miami-based Yahweh-ben-Yahweh cult ordered the murder of at least seven whites from 1986 to 1990. Mr. Mitchell taught his followers that whites were literally “The Devil.” He showed them videos of white women having sex with blacks and animals to “prove the lustful nature of whites.” Members had to bring back the fingers or ears of whites they had murdered to get credit with a kill. (Donna Gehrke, “ ‘I Felt Power’ While Slaying 6 People, Former Yahweh ‘Death Angel’ Testifies,” Miami Herald, January 30, 1992, p. 1A.)

“Zebra Killings” — The worst racially-motivated serial killings in American history occurred from 1973 to1975 in the San Francisco Bay area. At least seven members of the Nation of Islam killed at least 78 whites. Some of the murderers have still not been caught. (Clark Howard, Zebra, Richard Marek Publishers, 1979.)

Zeleke, Negusse — In 1999, an Ethiopian immigrant went on a shooting spree at the Kansas City airport, killing two white co-workers and himself. Mr. Zeleke left a suicide note blaming “black blood sucker supreme white people,” for his problems. (“Mo. Killer Complained of Racism,” AP, Nov. 22, 1999.)

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