Posted on March 20, 2020

Two Arrested After Botched ‘Islamist Attack’ Sees Car Driven into Barcelona Airport

RT, March 20, 2020

Police cordoned off a section of Barcelona’s El Prat airport after an apparent failed Islamist attack, in which two men drove a car through the terminal building’s doors.

The Mossos d’Esquadra, Barcelona’s police force, confirmed that two men attempted to storm the Terminal 1 bulking at the El Prat international airport at approximately 5am local time on Friday.

The men made it as far as the food court of the airport, reportedly shouting Islamist slogans, before they were arrested.

Technicians from Spain’s bomb squad Tedax were also deployed to investigate the vehicle which was found to not contain any explosive devices. No weapons or ammunition were discovered in the vehicle either.

Despite reports that the perpetrators shouted Islamist slogans, the police are not currently treating the incident as a terrorist attack. In spite of the bizarre incident, the airport remains open and is functioning normally.

Authorities have yet to rule out terrorism as a motive. However, neither of the men has any prior convictions or associations with known terrorist groups, according to Interior Minister Miquel Buch and Commissioner Eduard Sallent.