Posted on November 2, 2019

Today’s Scandza Forum Under Attack

AR Staff, American Renaissance, November 2, 2019

The Scandza Forum, an identitarian conference, is meeting today in Oslo, Norway — against extraordinary odds. Scandza is a top-quality, professionally conducted conference organized by Frodi Midjord, and its speakers have included many of the most prominent white advocates in Europe and the United States.

This year, Scandza has faced unprecedented difficulties. During a meeting in Copenhagen on October 12, the Danish police let belligerent antifa block access to the meeting hall for hours, preventing many people from attending. The conference proceeded to a successful conclusion despite this dereliction of duty by the authorities.

See this interview with Frodi Midjord.

Today’s conference is also being disrupted. First, one of the speakers, Greg Johnson was let into the county but was later arrested and charged with promoting violence as a political tool. Police promise to deport him as soon as possible. Of course, Dr. Johnson has always condemned violence in the strongest terms, and has posted a clarification of his views here. Click on “See More,” and then on “Translation” to get the English version.

And again, today, antifa massed at the entrance of the meeting hall and tried to block the doors. The Oslo police, however, have ensured access, and the meeting is going forward. According to Norwegian news reports, police arrested 25 protesters. A video of the arrests is here.

Scandza triple vets its attendees to ensure that the venue is kept confidential, but both in Copenhagen and in Oslo, the word appears to have got out. And, as usual, the champions of “tolerance” and “diversity” have shown their true colors by trying to disrupt and shut down a peaceful gathering of Europeans who are meeting to discuss their legitimate interests.

We will publish updates as they become available.

UPDATE: We now understand that the conference — without Greg Johnson — concluded without further incident.

UPDATE Nov. 3, 2019: According to a report from Frodi Midjord, organizer of the Scandza Forum, Dr. Johnson will be expelled from the country today. Mr. Midjord expects to speak with Dr. Johnson’s lawyer to find out what other measures the authorities plan to take.

Also, according to Norwegian news reports, a total of 28 demonstrators were arrested. By Sunday, most had been released, but they are being fined $1,000 to $1,400 each for disobeying police orders and disturbing the peace.

UPDATE Nov. 4, 2019: Dr. Johnson has safely returned home. He reports that he spent 48 hours in jail with little sleep and terrible food. We expect a full report to appear soon at his site, Counter-Currents.