Posted on November 12, 2019

Failed State: Cartels Parade Through Guanajuato, Mexico’s Safest, Prettiest, and Most Conservative State

Monica Showalter, American Thinker, November 12, 2019

Mexican City of Guanajuato

Mexican City of Guanajuato (Credit Image: Tomf688 / Wikimedia)

Mexico’s cartels always find ways to put on some kind of sick clown show to draw attention, and sure enough they did so again with some sort of victory parade of vehicles through a Mexican town in the state of Guanajuato. According to the U.K. Daily Star (hat tip: Drudge Report):

A convoy of armoured cars reportedly belonging to El Chapo’s cartel have been filmed brazenly driving into a Mexican town in a show of strength.

The scenes were recorded in Guanajuato in central Mexico as the Sinaloa Cartel were reportedly showing their strength after forming an alliance with a local gang.

In the video, filmed by someone inside a parked car, vehicles are seen barreling into the village while armed cartel members stand out of the vehicle’s sun rooves.

Several more armoured cars follow behind in the convoy, including an all-black armoured van and what is thought to be a silver Audi.

Other vehicles including pickup trucks complete with sirens and police-style flashing lights are seen.

The Daily Star has a video at its link but this shareable one, from GrilloNautas2 on YouTube, is better:

Which is bad enough as it is — it sounds like they’re winning something and doing their victory dance to fling it in the face of the state. They have good reason to: Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, far from beating the hell out of the cartels as they deserve, has a ‘hug a cartel’ policy, and cartels are treating that with the contempt it deserves. The parade of drug dealer cars would be awful no matter what city it happened to in Mexico.

But there’s one extra-horrifying detail the press didn’t notice: Guanajuato, for many years now, has had the reputation as Mexico’s safest state. I’ve been there, it’s a bulwark, chaos all around it, but high in its mountain and stone quarry redoubt, perfectly safe, at least until now. When Mexico took on its cartels in 2006 with the election of conservative President Felipe Calderon, much of Mexico was mired in violence as Calderon battled the drug cartels openly. Through at least 2016, Guanajuato was remained untouched, its main city of Guanajuato a wonderful safe haven for tourists to visit, not too luxurious, authenticity galore, picturesque, pleasant and interesting, same as the little towns around it. I visited it in 1995 and found it a completely delightful and safe city.


In addition, it’s a conservative state, hyper conservative, the only Latin places I’ve ever seen with so many conservatives might be found in parts of Colombia and Chile. Ferociously conservative as only Latins can be, not just pro-market but socially conservative. Here’s a 2010 piece from the New York Times condemning the main city for enforcing its anti-abortion laws. Here’s an election chart showing that the city … gets more and more conservative every year.

None of these positives have been enough to protect this state. The story’s changed now, and it’s not just sick cartel victory parades – it’s also this story from yesterday from Mexico News:

Ten black plastic bags containing human remains were found on the Guanajuato-Silao highway early Saturday morning.

The bags were accompanied by several posters bearing threatening messages directed to the state Security Secretary Samuel Ugalde García. The messages were signed by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

The bags contained the remains of what are assumed to be four youths who were recently kidnapped in the municipality of Santa Teresa. However, the identities of the victims had yet to be confirmed.

And these horrible statistics stating that far from Mexico’s safest redoubt, Guanajuato is now one of Mexico’s most dangerous areas.

If the bulwark of Guanajuato has fallen, what the heck does this say about the state of the rest of Mexico? President Trump was bullesye-right in suggesting to Mexico that they’re a country at war now and all they have to do is make a phone call to get some help.  They’ve veered into failed state territory now that Guanajuato has turned from a charming tourist state and city to a cartel hellhole.

The problem is worse than anyone’s reporting.