Posted on October 25, 2019

Man, 23, Is Charged After Shoving a Woman Headfirst into a Subway Train in Brooklyn

Jerry Barmash, Daily Mail, October 24, 2019

Police have a man in custody for the brutal subway attack, slamming a woman headfirst into a subway train in Brooklyn.

Isaiah Thompson, 23, was placed in cuffs by detectives Thursday afternoon.

An NYPD spokesperson confirms to that he faces a series of charges in connection with Wednesday’s incident on the DeKalb Avenue platform in Fort Greene.

Thompson, who lives in Brooklyn, was booked on 2nd degree assault, reckless endangerment, menacing and criminal trespass of a railroad.

Thompson is, apparently, no stranger to the NYPD.

He has pulled an emergency brake earlier this year causing delays for hundreds of straphangers.Thompson had been arrested at least 18 times for subway crimes.

Among the arrests, he was seen ‘subway surfing’–riding on the outside of a train– on the northbound 5 line at Union Square, the NYPD said.

After fleeing in a tunnel, Thompson surrendered a short time later.

This week’s video circulated by a witness of a man jumping up and down on the platform, shouting ‘what!’ several times before he lunged at the woman.

He approached the woman from behind on the platform, shoving her in the back with both hands.

She is seen tumbling forward and falling face-first into the side of the awaiting train.

It is believed the man had a previous dispute with a commuter just moments before the attack.

The Fire Department said they received a call for an ‘EDP,’ an emotionally disturbed person, but no one was found.