Posted on September 4, 2019

Group of Hungry Diners Try to Storm Texas Popeyes at Gunpoint

Luke Kenton, Daily Mail, September 3, 2019

A group of prospective diners at a Texas Popeyes chain took the term ‘hangry’ to new heights on Monday night when they tried to storm a local eatery at gunpoint after they were told there were no more chicken sandwiches left.

Among the hungry mob were two women and three men, who reportedly stopped at the drive-thru in southeast Houston on Scott Street and Corder just after 9pm Monday.

But the routine transaction quickly took a dramatic turn when the employee at the window told them their supplies of the new and infamous Popeyes chicken sandwich had run dry.

In response, all five of the currently unidentified suspects tried to force their way inside the restaurant, with one of the men even pulling out a gun refusing to take no for an answer.

Throughout the ordeal, the group left a baby unattended in the back seat of their blue SUV, according to ABC.

A restaurant worker was able to lock the front door in time to prevent the group entering the chain, and they soon fled from the scene with empty stomachs.

No injuries were reported by authorities. Police said the man with the gun is being described as having small dreadlocks, tattoos on his face and was seen wearing a black shirt with red sleeves.

Houston Police Lieutenant Larry Crowson said he will likely be charged with aggravated assault when he’s found because, ‘he was displaying a weapon and threatened employees’.

Police are hoping security cameras captured the incident, however anyone with information is asked to contact Houston police.

Popeyes first released the chicken sandwich on August 12, prompting a frenzied response from the public with several hour queues forming at chains across with patrons seemingly desperate to taste the viral sensation.

However, Popeyes tweeted last week that as a result of the pandemonium stocks of the sandwich had completely run out.

‘Y’all. We love that you love The Sandwich,’ Popeyes tweeted last Tuesday. ‘Unfortunately we’re sold out (for now),’ promising its return to the menu in the near-future for good.

Since its launch several similar instances have occurred to that of the mob in Texas, with videos of fights, brawls and parking-lot bust-ups going viral online.

One man in Tennessee has even gone as far as to file a $5,000 lawsuit against the fast-food chain after he learned the new menu favorite had sold out.