Posted on September 23, 2019

Food Company Fined $2 Million for Discriminating Against ‘Non-Hispanics’

WorldNetDaily, September 21, 2019

In a race discrimination lawsuit, the federal government has negotiated a settlement requiring a company that produces Mexican-style cheese and meat products to pay $2 million for discriminating against non-Hispanics.

El Mexicano and its parent, San Jose, California-based Marquez Brothers International, were accused of preferring Hispanic job applicants over all other races in unskilled production and warehouse positions,BizPacReview reported.


The federal agency said that in addition to the fine, Marquez Brothers agreed to “sweeping injunctive relief to prevent discrimination in the future, including hiring an external monitor; implementing hiring goals and measures to ensure hiring transparency and diversification; training; reporting; and other significant measures.”


BPR noted that two black men said they had applied for jobs at two different Marquez Brothers facilities in California but were turned away.