Posted on September 18, 2019

Another Illegal Alien Arrested for Brutal Rape in Notorious Sanctuary Montgomery County

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review, September 17, 2019

Democrats don’t seem very interested in fighting sexual assault crimes when they’re part of the growing trend of rape arrests of illegal aliens in sanctuary Montgomery County, Maryland, going on right now.

Josue Gomez-Gonzalez, an illegal alien from El Salvador, was arrested on September 12 for raping a female friend of his in Montgomery County while they were both drunk. ABC7 News’ Kevin Lewis, who has been tracking criminal aliens in Montgomery County, noted on Twitter that this is “at least the ninth undocumented immigrant charged with rape or sex abuse of a minor in Montgomery County, Md. since July 25.”

According to the police report, posted by Lewis on twitter, a female victim accuses Gomez-Gonzalez of raping her in the back of his car and then later in his Gaithersburg, Maryland, home, leaving her bleeding. The statement of probable cause by detectives alleges that Gomez-Gonzalez admitted to committing these multiple acts of rape and sexual assault even as the victim protested in her intoxicated state.

Gomez-Gonzales is charged with two counts of second-degree rape and second-degree assault and is being held on $100,000 bond pending an October 11 hearing.


Montgomery County is contemplating a change in its policies given the recent focus on the criminal alien problems. Specifically, in this case, according to Kevin Lewis, the county executive has agreed to notify ICE if Gomez-Gonzalez is released, but will not hold him for any extra time for them to arrive and pick him up.

The biggest point missed by the county executive is that these same criminals usually have prior interaction with law enforcement. That is when they should be turned over to ICE – before they commit another crime. Gomez-Gonzalez had numerous traffic citations just this year, according to a record search by Lewis.

{snip} Most criminals are repeat offenders, but the entire concept of illegal alien repeat offenders wouldn’t exist if our laws were enforced.