Posted on August 19, 2019

IRS Asked to Review National Cathedral’s Tax Exemption

WorldNetDaily, August 17, 2019

A national organization called JewsChooseTrump that explains its support for the Republican chief is because he pulled America out of the “disastrous Nuclear Iran Deal” and more, is asking the Internal Revenue Service to take a close look at National Cathedral’s tax exemption.

It’s because the premier Episcopal facility in Washington has posted on its website political statements lashing out at President Trump.

Under IRS regulations, tax exempt churches are not supposed to support, or oppose, political candidates, although there are unresolved claims that those comments fall under the First Amendment.

The organization announced on Wednesday it has filed a Form 13909 Referral with the IRS “seeking a determination that the National Cathedral has violated the regulations it is required to adhere to [in] order to maintain its tax-exempt status.”

The problem is its “highly partisan political intervention in the current presidential political campaign.”

The Episcopal church, in fact, recently posted online a diatribe against the president, titled, “Have We No Decency? A Response to President Trump.”


“After two years of President Trump’s words and actions, when will Americans have enough?” the church leaderes ask.

They liken Trump to Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s condemnation during the 1950s of communists and communism in America.


Church leaders said the president’s words “are dangerous,” give cover to “white supremacists” and they warn “violent words lead to violent actions.”


The JewsChooseTrump organization explains its members support Trump because of the Iran deal pullout, his imposition of sanctions on Iran, his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, his moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Taylor Force Act, his recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights, and other actions.

The group charged, “The cathedral urged all Americans to act against President Trump, saying explicitly that ‘After two years of President Trump’s words and actions, when will Americans have enough?’”


The complaint points to the IRS regulation prohibiting churches from engaging in political activity.

“{snip} In other words, the cathedral is intervening in a political campaign, as defined in the Internal Revenue Code,” the organization said.