Posted on June 14, 2019

Chinese Scientists at US Research Centers Under NIH, FBI Scrutiny

Cathy Burke, Newsmax, June 13, 2019

The National Institutes of Health and FBI are targeting ethnic Chinese scientists, including U.S. citizens, searching for a cancer cure, Bloomberg news reported.

According to Bloomberg, the FBI is telling companies, universities, hospitals — anyone with intellectual property at stake — to take special precautions when dealing with Chinese business partners and employees who might be “nontraditional” information collectors.

The FBI is pursuing economic espionage investigations “that almost invariably lead back to China” in almost every one of its 56 field offices, FBI Director Christopher Wray says, Bloomberg reported.


Though the aim is to stop China’s theft of U.S. innovation and know-how, the collateral effect has been to stymie basic science, the foundational research that underlies new medical treatments, Bloomberg reported.