Posted on May 29, 2019

Young White Couple Executed in South Africa Race Attack

Brad Hunter, Vancouver Sun, May 28, 2019

A young couple waited desperately for a rescue that would never come.

Jessica Kuhn and Johanco Fleischman’s Toyota Hilux had run out of fuel on the N12 W. near Benoni, about 32 km east of Johannesburg.

But instead of salvation, they encountered evil.

As the group awaited rescue, three men – illegal gold miners according to local media reports – walked past their vehicle.

When they returned, one of the men allegedly whispered “umhulungu,” allegedly a derogatory phrase for whites.

Then one of the trio of thugs pulled out a revolver and fired, parking at least nine slugs in Fleischman’s body.

He was 19.

As Kuhn, 23, screamed hysterically, the triggerman cooly leaned into the vehicle and silenced her forever with a single bullet to the head.

The killers then stole her phone.

“It doesn’t make sense. As a pastor in the family, it is very difficult to understand why people would do something like this,” her uncle Frikkie Kuhn.

“What sane person walks past and just starts shooting? Was it really just for a cellphone? What did they want there? To gain what?”

Two black workers with the couple were beaten and released.

The killers then set the Toyota ablaze before walking away. The workers later detailed the horrific crime to shocked cops.

Passing motorists then noticed the dead teen lying on the road, his girlfriend dead in the car.

“In condemning these cold-blooded murders we assure the family that all possible leads are being followed to trace the killers,” police spokesman Lieut. Col. Lungelo Dlamini said.

“These men must be considered to be armed and dangerous so if seen please contact the police and any information that leads to the arrest of these three killers will be rewarded.”

The brazen murders are just the latest in a spate of homicides targeting whites.

Last week a South African activist who vocally opposed attacks on white farmers was battered to death with a hammer in her home.

In October 2018, teen Hannah Cornelius was kidnapped, gang-raped and murdered after four men armed with knives stormed her car.

And in early 2017, a British woman was murdered and her husband left for dead after they were subjected to torture, using blowtorches, at their farm.