Posted on May 3, 2019

NYPD Fights Skyrocketing Murders and Shootings in City Housing Projects

Thomas Tracy, New York Daily News, May 3, 2019

Though crime is down citywide, cops are fighting a skyrocketing increase in murders and shootings in city housing projects, officials said Thursday.

{snip} Most of the increase occurred in April, when the number of crimes jumped 17%.

Twenty murders have been reported in housing projects this year — an increase from 13 during the same period of 2018, cops said.

The NYPD is currently fighting a 2.3% increase in homicides across the city — 88 have been counted so far this year, up from 86 during the same period in 2018. {snip}

Overall crime for the year is down, led by drastic drops in reports of robberies, burglaries and car thefts.


From January to April of this year, the NYPD investigated 27,086 crimes, officials said. During the same period in 2018, some 29,017 crimes were reported to police. That’s a citywide crime decline of 6.6%.


Hate crimes are up by about 67% so far this year, officials said. By the end of April, 145 hate crimes were reported to police, 58 fewer than the 87 reported during the same period of 2018.

Most hate crimes reported to police were anti-Semitic, which saw an 82% jump, from 45 last year to 82 this year.


Mayor de Blasio believes the incidents can be linked to the growing “forces of white supremacy” in the country.