Posted on May 2, 2019

Even After Synagogue Shooting, Mass Shooting Is Still a Black Thing

Colin Flaherty, American Thinker, April 30, 2019

Even as the blood dried at Saturday’s synagogue shooting, national political and media figures wasted no time blaming “white supremacists” for what they say is just the latest in an epidemic of mass shootings.

After all, everyone knows mass shootings are a white thing. Dylann Roof, right?

Wrong. The New York Times, much to the chagrin of its own reporters, said 75 percent of mass shooters are black. They actually checked.

That did not stop the Washington Post from calling for new measures to stop the white “domestic terrorists.” Ditto for the head of the Congressional Black Caucus: “White supremacy is a growing threat around the world,” said Congressman Hakeem Jeffries.

Note to readers: Jeffries and his Black Caucuteers pretty much consider all white people nationalists, supremacists, racists, or whatever other epithet happens to be in vogue this month. Subconscious racism, anyone?

Here’s a simple way to test your white supremacy. Just answer this question: do you believe in racial quotas?

If not, you are on the white supremacist list. Know it or not. Like it or not.

Next time you see someone holding the ever popular sign saying, “White men with guns are America’s biggest terrorists,” you will know whom they are talking about. You.

Even aging teen idols played the post-shooting “blame the white dude” game: “Can we create a fund to build a wall to protect us from white, American, bigoted, violent, racist, a——?” said Richard Marx on Twitter.

But even as more and more Blue Checkers drew more and more attention to a mentally ill 19-year-old white kid with a high-powered weapon, they had to devote even more energy to ignoring recent episodes of mass shootings by shooters other than white people. Mostly black.

In the weekend of the San Diego synagogue shooting, there were at least eight other mass shootings in America. White people did exactly none of them. An accounting:

In Baltimore early Sunday night, eight people were shot, one fatally, at a cookout. “Police identified the shooter only as a black man.” They are usually not as eager to identify criminals by race. But in this case, they stated the obvious to counteract a viral rumor that a white guy was shooting up the hood.

In Fresno early Sunday morning, “two parents are dead and one man is injured” after they were sitting in a car, visiting a friend. “That’s when they were approached by several African-American males” who soon filled the car with bullets, said the chief of police.

In West Palm Beach Saturday night, “two are dead and one is clinging to life” after a black man settled an argument with a gun.

In Jackson, Michigan on Saturday morning, “four people are recovering after a shooting.” Black.

In Los Angeles on Saturday evening, at least six people were shot in a Cypress Park party incident. The shooter is said to be Hispanic.

In Little Rock, Arkansas Saturday morning, “bullets fly” as two men and one woman shot. Black.

In NW Atlanta Saturday night, three black people shot three people during a home invasion.

Down in Alabama early Sunday morning, gunfire outside an Ensley night club sent four shooting victims to the hospital. This is a black club. Not a white nationalist in sight.

In Montgomery, Alabama Saturday evening, video captured a rolling gun battle among several black people with dozens and dozens of bullets flying over a three-minute period. Only one person was wounded. Since most define a mass shooting to be when three or more people are actually shot, maybe incompetent marksmanship requires us to remove this episode from this list.

You can decide for yourself at a video I made of this and the other episodes. Just click here.

In New Orleans Sunday evening, three were injured, including a child, in a St. Claude neighborhood shooting.

Did I say eight? There are at least 9. Not counting San Diego, the score stands at eight black, one Hispanic, zero episodes with a white shooter.

All this weekend. There are so many black mass shootings in so many places that they are kind of hard to count.