Posted on April 24, 2019

Man ‘Murdered Woman with Ax So Brutally Her Head Was Almost Chopped Off’

Jacob Geanous, Metro, April 22, 2019

A man hacked a pregnant woman to death with an ax so brutally her head was almost severed from her neck, police say.

Jerry Brown, 34, who calls himself ‘Grim Creepa’ on social media was arrested Sunday morning for the grisly murder of Savannah Rivera, 20, who was found nearly decapitated in a Brooklyn, New York apartment.

Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Angela Valle, 21, was also brutalized in the attack that left her with devastating slashes to the throat, chest, and back of the head, according to The New York Post.

Jerry Brown (right) and Angela Valle

Police responded to the apartment early Saturday morning after Valle, covered in blood, called an Uber to take her to the hospital. The driver instead called 911.

As medics arrived, Valle was drifting out of consciousness, but she said two things before she passed out.

She told police that her ex-boyfriend attacked her and her friend, who she said was still in the apartment.

Police burst in the apartment to discover a horrific scene. Rivera, who was reportedly two months pregnant, was lying on the floor, partially decapitated, with numerous ax wounds on her head and body. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officers found Aliana sleeping, unharmed in a back room. She was taken to Woodhull Medical Center for evaluation.

Investigators later found an blood-caked ax with a long, yellow handle that had been thrown in a trash compactor inside the building, which is believed to be the murder weapon.

‘This was a brutal, a terrible, vicious, vicious attack. Both victims suffered multiple deep, deep lacerations,’ Police Deputy Chief Michael Kemper said.

Savannah Rivera

‘We believe he had some sort of a relationship with both — he knew both victims.’

In the months leading up to the attack, Valle made numerous affectionate posts on ‘Grim Creepa’s’ Facebook page.

Six weeks ago, Valle posted a photo of Lewis sitting shirtless on a bed.

In a caption, she wrote: ‘My fucking man doe!!!. Mr. 187 him self,’ then added ‘I love you Daddy.’

The nickname is believed to refer to Section 187 of the California penal code, which is the section regarding homicide.

He responded: ‘I love you my queen.’

Before his arrest, Brown told WPIX that he suffers from mental illness and sobbed when he was told Valle was fighting for her life.

‘I will turn myself in. I will call police on myself.’

Employees from a Florama Hardware store told The Post that a man resembling Brown came in to buy the ax for $39.98, just two weeks before the murder.

‘He asked if there is a cheaper one. Then he asked if we can sharpen it for him. I said it’s sharp enough as it is,’ the employee said.

According to the New York Times, Rivera had a four-year-old son, Sebastion, who was not at the apartment during the attack and did not know his mother died as of Sunday morning.

Brown has been charged with murder and attempted murder. It is unclear when he is due back in court.