Posted on March 19, 2019

Poll: New York State Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose Illegals Getting Drivers Licenses

Kerry Picket, Daily Caller, March 18, 2019

A majority of New York State voters, according to a newly released Siena College poll, overwhelmingly oppose illegal immigrants receiving driver’s licenses.

Sixty-one percent of New York voters say they do not believe non-citizens should receive driver’s licenses. While 49 percent of Democrats support issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, 84 percent of Republicans and 71 percent of Independents oppose such a policy.


New York’s WGRZ TV conducted their own poll last year when New York State Democrat lawmakers pushed for licenses for illegal immigrants and their viewers overwhelmingly opposed it.

Siena’s numbers were released one month after immigrant advocate groups did another push for driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants now that Democrats have the majority of both chambers in the New York State legislature.


Stringer and FPI pointed to reports that showed the state would rack up extra money totaling $9.6 million through additional driver’s license fees.

The new Siena poll, however, shows a majority of New York State voters don’t like the leftward direction New York State is going in, either. Just 36 percent say that the Empire State is not moving too far to the political left, while 51 percent says the state is moving too politically leftward.