Posted on February 19, 2019

‘Will Buy Pets for Meat’

Jon Manchester, Castanet, February 11, 2019

At first glance, a classified ad looking for puppies and kittens might not seem all that unusual.

Until you see the poster is willing to pay by the pound:


“Looking to provide a loving humane organic home for unwanted cats and dogs. Will pay top prices per pound. Best quality of care and food provided. Free range of farm and home. Lots of love and attention. We are looking to use them as an ethical source of meat for our family. Slaughter is humane and quick after a very good life. All care and slaughter will be performed in accordance. to Canadian law (although we pride ourselves in exceeding expectations).”

And, even though the ad is gone, it is stirring up emotions on social media.

“I did … call the cruelty hotline, and unfortunately what they are doing is legal as long as they are euthanized humanely,” Joy Wilford said on the Vernon and Surrounding Areas Pet Giveaway and Lost and Found Pets Facebook page.


In fact, it is not against the law to kill and eat your pets in Canada. It is only illegal to cause unnecessary suffering or slaughter them in a way that is deemed inhumane or results in distress.

Indeed, the case of Molly the pot-bellied pig caused an uproar in 2018 when she was seized by the Cowichan SPCA as part of a cruelty investigation, nursed back to health, and then adopted out. Less than one month later, she was dinner, with the adopting couple even posting photos of the meal on Snapchat.