Posted on December 28, 2018

Trump’s White Male Supporters May Lose Their Food Stamps

D. Watkins, Salon, December 27, 2018

President Trump is planning on cutting The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which will take food out of the mouths of his most loyal supporters — white men.

“At the direction of President Donald J. Trump,” U.S. Department of Agriculture chief, Sonny Perdue said in a press release issued last Thursday. “We are taking steps to restore integrity to SNAP and move people toward self-sufficiency.”

If you recall, the president received 62 percent of the white male vote back in 2016 {snip}

The language clearly drew racial lines, and strengthened the divide between working-class-welfare-whites and black Americans who faced similar issues. What Regan and Trump supporters alike don’t understand is that America is not that black, as we only make up under 13 percent of the countries 325 million people. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which the president is planning on cutting serves 39 million Americans who are identified as able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWD). The dirty secret that never makes it into Trump’s tremendous campaign speeches is that 55 percent of low-income ABAWDs are male, and 48 percent are white — so he is defeating his own people. Don’t be surprised if you see some of those husky guys at the MAGA hat rallies start to thin out.


I wonder if Trump’s constitutes, who will likely be most impacted by the cuts continue to support him, or will they finally wake up?

D. Watkins