Posted on November 27, 2018

U.K. Politician on Migration: No One Asked Us If We Wanted Our Culture Destroyed

Selwyn Duke, New American, November 26, 2018

“No one asked the people of the UK if we wanted our culture and way of life destroyed.” So said Janice Atkinson, an independent Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for South East England, in a recent interview. The stateswoman, author of the book Migrant Crime Wave: The EU Cover-Up Revealed, also lamented that Britons “have imported the third world, and are now suffering from third world practices.”

In the interview, published on Thanksgiving Day by Jihad Watch, Atkinson takes an uncompromising stance toward Islam, whose adherents have changed Britain’s face over the last two decades.

The MEP also complained about a culturally cowed U.K. that has enabled this transformation, telling interviewer Joshua Winston, “We have allowed this [Muslim] minority to exist in their own multicultural bubble which has festered hate, mistrust, misogyny and abhorrent practices such as FGM, child marriage, arranged marriage and Sharia law. And, of course, child sexual grooming, which is conducted by 80% Pakistani/Pakistani heritage men.”

Atkinson is referring to outrages such as the Rotherham child rape-gang scandal, in which the sexual abuse and torture of approximately 1,400 native British girls by primarily Muslim perpetrators was allowed to continue for 16 years because cowardly British authorities were afraid of “racism” accusations.

In fact, a U.K. official who blew the whistle on the scandal was forced into “diversity training” and was told, “You must never [again] refer to Asian [Muslim] men,” and your “awareness of ethnic issues” needs to be raised.

As for the U.K.’s raising the white flag, another example Atkinson mentioned was the case of Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi. Despite being acquitted of a trumped-up blasphemy charge by Pakistan’s high court, Bibi, a mother of five, is now targeted by Muslim mobs intent on seeing her stoned. Yet even though her life is in imminent danger, Britain refused her asylum because, well, the inmates are running the asylum — that is, authorities are afraid of inflaming their Muslim minority {snip}.


Yet as CBS News reported in 2006 in its piece “Many British Muslims Put Islam First,” 78 percent of U.K. Muslims advocate punishing the publishers of Muhammed cartoons. A 2010 study found that 32 percent of Muslim students surveyed at 30 British universities support killing for Islam, and a poll of 40,000 Al Jazeera readers conducted by the news network earlier this year revealed that 80 percent of them supported ISIS.


Atkinson also mentioned that even “so-called Conservatives … do not understand [the threat], and that is why they are losing votes to the so-called ‘populists.’” Quite true, as Westerners in general are in the grip of what I call immigrationism, the belief that immigration is always good, always necessary, always above being questioned, and must be the one constant in an ever-changing universe of policy. Thus is it never halted — even when the rate of immigration greatly exceeds that of assimilation.

Immigrationist or not, Atkinson is certainly a realist, as her prescription evidences. “Islam, if not curbed, will be a huge problem,” she said. “We should halt all new mosques; shut down those financed by Saudi Arabia, deport hateful Imams and tell the adherents that they have to live by the law of our land, not Sharia. We should also consider a ban on Muslim migration from countries like Pakistan.”


In fact, “No one asked the people of London, or indeed, the UK, whether we wanted to have apartheid in our towns and cities,” she continued. “No one asked us if we wanted our culture and way of life destroyed.”


As for Britain’s diversity blessing, though, it certainly was no accident. After all, ex-Tony Blair aide Andrew Neather confessed in 2009 that the previous years’ massive Third World migration into the U.K. was intended, as he put it, “to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date.”

And that’s what happens when love of power exceeds love of country.