Posted on November 1, 2018

Rutgers Student Hatches Alleged Murder Plot Against Girlfriend’s Parents over Recent Breakup, Sources Say

Brian Thompson, WNBC-TV, October 31, 2018

The Rutgers University student charged in connection with an alleged murder plot had threatened to kill the parents of his ex-girlfriend after their recent breakup, sources familiar with the investigation told News 4 Wednesday. Izaia Bullock, a 22-year-old junior from Piscataway who plays linebacker on the college’s football team, allegedly was angry at his ex-girlfriend’s parents over the breakup, which sources say happened because they disapproved of the interracial relationship between their daughter and the football player.

Izaia Bullock

Bullock was so upset that he went to school counseling; he remained upset and expressed that to a teammate who told a team coach, the sources say. The coach passed on the information and protocol moved it up the chain to an investigation by university police. Prosecutors officially charged Bullock with two counts of attempted murder and conspiracy. {snip}