Posted on September 28, 2018

French Rapper Faces Hate Crime Charges After Releasing Song Advocating Killing White Babies

Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, September 28, 2018

French rapper Nick Conrad could be facing charges of hate speech after releasing a new song in which he advocated for the hanging of white people and the killing of white babies.

The black rapper released the song Pendez Les Blancs or PLB, or “Hang the Whites,” on an EP several months ago {snip}.

The lyrics of the song called for the killing of white people saying, “I enter day care centres and kill white babies. Catch them quickly and hang their parents. Spread them apart to pass the time, to entertain black children of all ages young and old.”


The clip showed the rapper with a pistol walking after a white man crawling on the ground in his underwear and in a scene reminiscent of the film American History X, the rapper forces the white man to bite a curb as the rapper appears to stomp on the back of his head.

Conrad, a previously unknown rapper in France, defended the song and the video saying, “it’s not a call to hate,” and adding, “This piece is deeper than it seems.”

“I can not deny what I wrote, it touches racism, it’s the beauty of this piece, it’s still art,” he said.

Anti-racism organisation LICRA have called for the rapper to be prosecuted for hate speech and many others have expressed outrage over the song.

Populist leader Marine Le Pen tweeted about the song saying, “While many compatriots undergo anti-white racism, of which no self-proclaimed expert or media speak, this provocation must not be unpunished. There is nothing artistic in what is purely and simply a call to hatred and murder!”


[Editor’s Note: The music video is available here.]