Posted on June 11, 2018

Don’t Mess with Equality

Tom Shuford, News-Topic, June 3, 2018

Letter to the Editor:

Two honored principles of Western societies are equality and freedom of speech. Beginning about 50 years ago, equality took center stage. The “equality principle” now applies across sexes, races, cultures, religions, sexual orientations, etc.

There is no egalitarian principle in nature, however. Nature has inequality. Free speech that reports natural human differences, therefore, collides with the equality ideal. One principle must yield. Traditionally, free speech is surrendered. Free speech is now more historical curiosity than reality.

Equality is triumphant. The left, whose animating principle is equality, controls all our institutions: TV networks, newspapers, schools, universities. Quick example from universities: In “Higher (self) education,” letter, 4-29-18, I mentioned an IQ course offered by Richard J. Haier through the The Great Courses. IQ research was popular in the 60s. Then, in 1969, preeminent IQ researcher Arthur Jensen “proposed the idea that part of the achievement gap might possibly be due to genetic components of intelligence.” “All hell broke loose,” says Haier. It was “the near end of intelligence research.”

Message to professors: Don’t mess with equality.

One arena, however, remains relatively open for debate. The left does not completely control the Internet. The 2016 election, however, shocked the Big Tech monopolies. No more hands off. Big Tech is now rigging searches and “de-monetizing,” quarantining, “shadow-banning,” and “de-platforming” brilliant heretics from equality orthodoxy, many with huge audiences.

Will Big Tech finally crush all dissent? I don’t know. I do know the importance of taboo subjects. Let’s stay with IQ. For decades presidents have used foolish “free” trade agreements and U. S. universities (with their 350,000 Chinese students annually) to turn Communist China into a powerhouse.

China cares nothing for equality or free speech. China cares about IQ. “They have a national commitment to do this [discover the genes underlying intelligence],” says Haier. Their dedication of resources is “almost like a moon-shot program.” One example: from the South China Morning Post in 2010:

“Some of the world’s fastest supercomputers are being set up in Hong Kong to address the age-old mystery of human intelligence . . . [BGI Hong Kong] will survey DNA samples from 1,000 child prodigies from China’s best high schools, comparing them with samples from 1,000 children of average intelligence, searching for genetic variations.”

What will totalitarian, homogenous China do when it learns the genetic basis of intelligence? How will “free,” diverse America respond?


Tom Shuford, Lenoir


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