Posted on March 15, 2018

Obsessed Classmate Who Was Arrested After ‘Fleeing to Nicaragua After Killing New York Nursing Student’

Hannah Parry and Jennifer Smith, Daily Mail, March 15, 2018

A classmate suspected of murdering a nursing student has been pictured sporting a head wound after he was arrested in Nicaragua.

Orlando Tercero, 22, was arrested on Tuesday by the Nicaragua National Police in connection to the death of 22-year-old Haley Anderson, ABC News reports.

Haley Anderson

A photo of him, surrounded by armed police in balaclavas, shows him bleeding from the lip with a bandage across his left eye.

Tercero was seen looking worse for wear after he was named as a person of interest in the death of SUNY Binghamton nursing student Anderson.

Orlando Tercero, suspected of murdering a nursing student, has been pictured sporting a head wound and a fat lip after he was arrested in Nicaragua

He fled to the Central American nation after Anderson was found dead last Friday in his apartment. He reportedly told his sister he had done ‘something bad’ and was a ‘disgrace to the family.’

Tercero was arrested shortly after landing in Nicaragua and on Tuesday night, he was transferred to a prison located 40 miles southwest of capitol, Managua.

‘Orlando is being detained by Nicaraguan authorities while matters are being further investigated,’ his attorney, Michael Bachner, told The New York Post.

Orlando Tercero

Anderson’s death was ruled a homicide after her body was found at his off-campus apartment near Binghampton University.

Tercero ‘fled the United States via international air to Nicaragua prior to the discovery of Haley Anderson’s deceased body,’ according to a statement released by police.

While the two were said to have only ‘hooked up’ and were never romantically linked, Tercero was said to have been obsessed with Anderson.

Anderson’s roommates found her body lying in his bed after climbing in through a side window.

They say Tercero was angry because she had earlier dumped him for her a different man.

‘He never got over his obsession with her,’ Misha Topalli, Anderson’s roommate and friend, told TIME.

‘They hooked up in the past, but to her, it was pretty platonic and she didn’t want to have anything seriously,’ she added.

By the time police named him a suspect, Tercero was on board a flight back to Nicaragua where he has family.

He has since deleted his Facebook profile and Nicaraguan officials say they do not know if they will extradite him to face charges.

Anderson’s said they knew she was dead by the color of her skin.

Orlando Tercero, 22, was arrested on Tuesday by the Nicaragua National Police in connection to the death of 22-year-old Haley Anderson

They had tracked her cell phone using the Find My iPhone app to the other student home.

Police have not yet revealed how the young woman died or what condition she was found in but her friends said she appeared she had been dead for a while.

They also found a handprint bruise on her arm.

‘She was in Orlando’s room. She was in the bed. Looking back at it, she was clearly dead, because living people aren’t that color,’ Josephine Artin told The New York Post.

‘At the time, we didn’t want that to be true. We called the police. My friend was on the phone with them. They asked, ‘Is she breathing?’ so I went over to her and I just — I wanted her to be alive. But I could tell she hadn’t just died. I’m sure it had happened the day before, based on her color,’ she added.

Artin said she had been laid there looking ‘very formal’ but there was no blood in sight.

‘There was no blood. The way she was lying, I wasn’t sure if that’s where she died or he put her there. It was very formal — she was on her back laying on the bed and she had a blanket halfway up her body. And she just had her arms at her side.

‘There was a handprint bruise on her arm. When I saw that, that’s when I knew for [sure] that Orlando had done this to her,’ she added.

Before fleeing to Nicaragua, Tercero allegedly told one of his sisters he had ‘done something bad’ and ‘was a disgrace to their family’, one of his roommates said.

In the weeks before her death, the students said Tercero drove past his alleged victim’s home and once even slashed her tires.

Anderson was last seen leaving her friends house after drinking wine and playing board games until 4am on Thursday.

The alarm was raised when she did not answer her phone the next day.

Anderson has been described as ‘bright’ and ‘loving’ by those who knew her.

The girls who found Anderson said she had a handprint bruise on her arm but that there was no blood in sight. By the time she was found and police were called, Tercero was on his way back to Nicaragua

Her co-worker, Athena Anadnostakos, who worked with her for years at Jazzman’s Cafe on campus, spoke highly of the late student in a statement to Fox 40.

‘She was a very good girl. She was friendly, joked around . . . we had a good time together,’ Anadnostakos told the news station.

Tercero, who was also studying nursing, is said to have sent a text message to one of his sisters in Nicaragua before he fled to tell her he had done something ‘bad’. It is not clear if he will be extradited

‘Everybody is sad . . . a lot of students came to New York together and they cried today. They were all so close, she said, in tears.

After news of her death emerged, the university shared a message of condolence on its Facebook page.

‘The Binghamton University community is deeply saddened to learn of the death of senior nursing student Haley Anderson, whose death is being investigated by the Binghamton Police Department,’ the post read in part.

‘There is no threat to public safety at this time. The investigation is continuing at this hour.

‘Anyone with information can contact the Binghamton Police Detective Division at 607-772-7080 or 607-772-7082.’

The message said further: ‘Our entire University community extends our deepest condolences to Haley’s family and friends, both here in Binghamton and in her hometown of Westbury, N.Y.’