Posted on February 14, 2018

Students Walk out of Anthropology Lecture After Professor Uses the Word “N****r”

Claire Thornton, Daily Princetonian, February 7, 2018

Several students walked out of an anthropology lecture Tuesday afternoon when a professor allegedly asked a question in which he used the word “n****r,” according to several students in the class. Another student said he intends to drop the class due to the professor’s remarks.

According to students, during lecture for the course ANT 212: Cultural Freedoms — Hate Speech, Blasphemy, and Pornography, anthropology professor Lawrence Rosen asked students, “What is worse, a white man punching a black man, or a white man calling a black man a n****r?”


According to students, Rosen allegedly said the word “n****r” twice more as part of discussions after his original question.


“All the black students were looking at each other, as if asking whether he actually said that,” said Destiny Salter ’20. There were about six black students in the lecture, Holliday said.

According to Holliday, E Jeremijenko-Conley ’20, who identifies as white, responded to Rosen by saying, “I’m not comfortable with a white professor using the N-word.”

Holliday told the ‘Prince’ that Malachi Byrd ’19 allegedly asked Rosen, “So are you just going to keep using the N-word?”

According to Salter, Rosen allegedly responded, “Yes, if I think it’s necessary.”

After this, Byrd walked out of lecture. Later on, three more students also walked out, according to Jeremijenko-Conley.


Byrd later returned to class and allegedly confronted Rosen using an expletive, according to an anonymous source.


“Every single time he used the N-word, he used the word in its entirety,” said Salter. “He said ‘you need to suspend your disbelief for the sake of this class.’”

Byrd eventually re-entered the hall and asked if the professor would continue to use the word n****r in lecture. Students began to argue with Rosen, demanding he apologize. Holliday and Salter both said that the students argued with Rosen for the duration of lecture, because he would not give an apology.


Jeremijenko-Conley and Salter said that they filed a complaint with Justine Levine, director of studies for Rockefeller College.


Kevin Ramos ’21 said he plans to drop the class in light of the incident.

“The professor saw how uncomfortable the students were with his language,” said Ramos. “If he doesn’t respect the students’ opinion, then it’s not worth learning from him.”