Posted on February 5, 2018

Hip-Hop Star Pras Is Using the Super Bowl to Launch His New Media Platform

Patrick Coffee, Adweek, February 5, 2018


Hip-hop star Pras — who holds the titles of rapper, actor, Grammy winner and founding member of the Fugees — bought a 30-second spot to announce the launch of Blacture, a “platform for black culture in America.”


The full ad, “Be Celebrated,” which aired during the third quarter, positioned Blacture as a place where everyone can “come and see the story” about the state of black America today. It also implied that the platform will allow previously silenced voices to be heard.

While some prominent publications and websites do cater to young black readers, Blacture looks to be the go-to destination for “unique content from prominent artists and influencers [that] will represent stories that are untold or underreported in mass media.”

Pras {snip} “wants black Americans to recognize and embrace the opportunity he believes is right in front of them,” the campaign press release reads.