Posted on December 21, 2017

Christian Bale Says It’s Time ‘White Dudes Who Are Running Things’ Step Aside

Caitlyn Hitt, New York Daily News, December 20, 2017

Christian Bale {snip} recently opened up about the racial dynamics in politics and his own industry, suggesting that it’s time for the “white dudes who are running things” to make room for people of color to have their voices heard.


“Our culture will be so much richer the day that we stop saying, ‘Hey, it’s all white dudes who are running things.’ Whether that be Hollywood, whether that be Washington.”

The British actor went on to say that embracing diversity would be beneficial to the film industry and society as a whole.

“We’re going to get, in Hollywood, so much better films and so much more interesting stories being told and America will become the America that the rest of the world sees it as, that makes it unique … that we recognize makes this such a beautiful, brilliant country and not to ruin that,” Bale said.

He praised the United States as a “country of inclusion,” citing it as the reason he decided to put down roots here.