Posted on October 6, 2017

“That’s Really Sad,” Flyers Promoting White Supremacy Found at OSU

Kelsey Gibbs, Oklahoma’s News 4, October 5, 2017


Flyers are sparking outrage on an Oklahoma campus. The posters promote white supremacy with the message to “Embrace white identity.”


“The only way to combat it is to stay positive,” said Oklahoma State University student Uriah Robinson.

Statements like “Men of the west don’t give into hate,” “Love your people,” and “Embrace white identity” are all on the flyers along with a picture of Thomas Jefferson.


And, it’s a message some students aren’t tolerating.

“I think that’s really sad that it was posted all over campus,” said student Anna Coffee.

Also on the posters, you can find a link that sends student to a video with Jared Taylor of the American Renaissance.


OSU condemned the posters, sending News 4 this statement:

“The fliers being placed in the Student Union and other locations are in direct violation of OSU policy and have been removed when discovered or reported. In addition to being placed in areas where flyers or posters are not allowed, these particular flyers are concerning because of their intent to cause division on the OSU campus. OSU works hard to fight intolerance and discrimination of any person or group. The university welcomes and values all students.

Incidents or concerns should be reported to community mentors, advisors, work supervisors or to building personnel. Although in most cases these acts would not fall under any state criminal statute, concerns regarding a poster or flyer may also be reported to OSU Police through iReport on OSU’s Orange Shield safety app. The iReport should contain a photo of the flyer along with the locations and date and time it was discovered,” said Oklahoma State University spokesman Gary Shutt.

Students agree with the university that the posters have no place on a campus or in America.


All posters were removed.