Posted on September 11, 2017

Bad, Bad, Bad

Tom Shuford, News Topic, September 3, 2017

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Your ancestors were bad people.  You are a bad person. Your leaders are bad people.  “The Three Bads” are the chief ideological weapons of the American political left. As the left controls the news media, entertainment, universities, schools, corporations, you experience steady doses.

The Three Bads propaganda ratchets up to a fever pitch following a racially charged event. A narrative is constructed and used to pummel the right. Woe to the narrative non-compliant. Typically, but not always, “narrative collapse” occurs over time.  And the media moves on.

Charlottesville is different.  Whatever the fate of the narrative, the Left won.  It grabbed much more power.  Large swaths of the sole remaining bastion of free speech, the Internet, are now under leftist control.

The left’s goal is to “de-platform” the right. Virtue-signaling tech titans — many with near monopolies on the mechanics of the Internet — embrace the left’s cause. They are manipulating searches, denying online payments, denying ad revenue, dropping web hosting services, banning Twitter accounts, etc. It’s the cyber version of mobs at universities shutting down conservative speakers.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a three hundred million dollar left-wing labeling/smear operation, is the brains behind Silicon Valley’s suppression of speech.  The SPLC publishes lists of “hate groups,” i.e., bad people.   Its definition of “hate” is exceedingly broad.  It extends far beyond scruffy KKK/neo-Nazi types you might have in mind.  Example, from the Wall Street Journal:

“The SPLC has tarred the respected social scientist Charles Murray, author of the well-regarded book ‘Losing Ground,’ as a ‘white nationalist.’ Mr. Murray has been physically assaulted on campus as a result. He happens to be married to an Asian woman and has Asian daughters, so the slur is ludicrous.”

The mild-mannered Murray is — unintentionally — among of scores of intellectuals whose existence is a mortal threat to “The Three Bads” paradigm — and thus to its totalitarian potential.  All must be silenced.  It’s not enough for the left to control the universities, the media, etc. They want the Internet.

Fortunately, SPLC malevolence is increasingly obvious.  Even MSM outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal, have produced devastating critiques.  Is “The Three Bads” paradigm, so useful to the left for so many decades, in trouble?  Or, will the soft (for now) totalitarianism of the left finally engulf us all?


Tom Shuford
Lenoir, NC