Posted on July 25, 2017

Trudeau Government to Revise Canada’s Citizenship Test, No Longer Ban ‘Barbaric Cultural Practices’ or Require a Job

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker, July 25, 2017

Canadian Flag

Justin Trudeau’s government is redefining what it means to be a Canadian, and in the process, he appears to be opening the door for the Islamization of our northern neighbor.  The Canadian press has obtained a copy of a draft of a new study guide for Canada’s citizenship test, which defines what it means to be Canadian.

Unsurprisingly, given his progressive inclinations, Justin Trudeau’s government apparently does not want to be judgmental about things like female genital mutilation, honor killings, and the need to get a job if you want to come in and be a Canadian.  Judgmentalism is reserved for the Yankees to the south, apparently.

Respecting treaties with Indigenous Peoples, paying taxes and filling out the census are listed as mandatory obligations of Canadian citizenship in a draft version of a new study guide for the citizenship exam.

The working copy obtained by The Canadian Press suggests the federal government has completely overhauled the book used by prospective Canadians to prepare for the test.

The current “Discover Canada” guide dates back to 2011 when the previous Conservative government did its own overhaul designed to provide more information on Canadian values and history.

Some of the Conservatives’ insertions attracted controversy, including increased detail about the War of 1812 and a warning that certain “barbaric cultural practices,” such as honour killings and female genital mutilation, are crimes in Canada.

Getting rid of both those elements was what former Liberal Immigration Minister John McCallum had in mind when he said early in 2016 that the book was up for a rewrite. But although work has been underway for over a year, there’s no date set for publication of a final version.

In the draft version, the reference to barbaric cultural practices is gone, as is the inclusion of getting a job as one of the responsibilities of citizenship.

The “refugees” overwhelming Western European countries also mostly reject jobs, despite the fact that most are young men of military or working age.  They also tend to reject other elements of integrating and becoming self-sufficient, as Breitbart reported:

The Swedish government has found that only between three and four percent of newly arrived migrants with a poor standard of education have any interest in attending further schooling or training.

The new report, which comes from the Swedish Employment Service, shows that only three to four percent of migrants who have come to Sweden in the last two years have shown interest in attending classes to develop their education.

Annie Rubensson, integration and establishment manager at the Employment Service said that the figures could greatly impact migrants chances of employment Sveriges Radio reports.

“This means that their chances of getting a job drops significantly,” Rubensson said adding, “we are working hard to motivate and we will strengthen our efforts in the guidance to inform about what is required in the Swedish labour market.”

The Canadian draft has other things in mind when it discusses requirements of immigrants:

Instead, the proposed new guide breaks down the responsibilities of citizenship into two categories: voluntary and mandatory.

Voluntary responsibilities are listed as respecting the human rights of others, understanding official bilingualism and participating in the political process.

Obeying the law, serving on a jury, paying taxes, filling out the census and respecting treaties with Indigenous Peoples are mandatory.

Respecting the human rights of others (unless they are indigenous peoples) is optional!  I wonder how Canada’s homosexuals and Jews feel about this?  Both groups trend progressive.  How many will bite their tongues and go along with the dogma?

Canadians might want to pay attention to Germany, Sweden, Belgium, and other European countries that have welcomed masses of Muslims purporting to be refugees and think carefully about what their government is proposing to do to Canada.