Posted on June 16, 2017

No Pause in Left-Wing Intimidation of Conservatives Post-Alexandria

Ed Kozak, LifeZette, June 16, 2017

Despite liberal pundits’ and politicians’ calls for civility in the wake of the targeted shooting of Republican legislators in Alexandria, Virginia, on Wednesday, left-wing intimidation tactics  — not to mention extreme rhetoric —  continued unabated.

Masked Antifa agitators attacked pro-free speech demonstrators Thursday night at Evergreen State College in Washington state. The speech was organized by a pro-Trump organization called Patriot Prayer. At least two demonstrators, including Patriot Prayer leader and rally organizer Joey Gibson, were assaulted.


Hours after the attack on Wednesday, a former Huffington Post contributor appeared to imply that the shooting was a teachable moment — on how political violence needed to be more organized and consistent. “For violent resistance to work it’d need to be organized,” tweeted Jesse Benn. “Individual acts can be understandable, but likely counterproductive/ineffective.”


Wednesday’s ambush wasn’t even the first targeted shooting of Republicans this week. On Thursday it was reported that two men driving a Chevy Malibu shot at a truck flying a “Make America Great Again” flag in Indiana.

And despite this week of violence and promises from those on all sides to tone down their rhetoric, the Florida Democratic Party’s big “Leadership Blue” fundraising dinner on Saturday will feature a panel titled “The Resistance Panel,” moderated by DeRay McKesson, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter.