Posted on January 17, 2017

Video: ‘You Couldn’t Find No Black Woman?’ the Shocking Moment a Racist Man Hurls Abuse at Interracial Couple

Anna Hopkins, Daily Mail, January 16, 2017

A shocking video has emerged showing an couple being racially abused as they shared a meal at a restaurant.

The couple, a black man and a white woman, were approached by an ‘interviewer’ who appeared to be trying to subtly record the conversation.

The video, originally posted to Worldstar, begins with the man speaking to himself behind the camera, saying: ‘Look at the f***ery, in a black-owned restaurant.’

He then approaches the couple and questions the nature of their relationship.

He asks: ‘Excuse me, are ya’ll together, like in an intimate relationship?’

The man being recorded laughs uncomfortably and says ‘yes’, then asks the interviewer ‘what’s up?’

That’s when the altercation intensified.

The ‘interviewer’ continues: ‘You couldn’t find no black woman? Like, you had to go that low, to the lowest rung of humanity.

‘If they even humans, it’s arguable that they even humans.’

The male diner smiles in disbelief at the interaction. Throughout the video only a glimpse of the white woman’s face is shown.

He continued: ‘Are you that weak?’

Several times while being harassed, the boyfriend attempts to interrupt the man recording and incredibly keeps his cool throughout.

At one point, the black diner calls the man behind the camera ‘my friend’, but the ‘interviewer’ continues to talk over him.

The cameraman says: ‘I just had to ask.’

To which the man being recorded finally gets a word in, and says: ‘What are you asking?’

His interviewer then responds: ‘Well, what’s wrong with you? You couldn’t find no black woman?

‘What was it that made you that weak – that you’d get on your knees and bow to this less of a female – that’s lesser than a black woman in every way.’