Posted on December 15, 2016

Muslim Teen Arrested After Media Hyped Her Fake Anti-trump ‘Hate Crime Hoax’ Story

Samantha Chang, BizPac Review, December 15, 2016

Another phony “Islamophobic” hate crime report bites the dust.

A Muslim student named Yasmin Seweid was arrested Wednesday for filing a false police report claiming she had been harassed on a New York City subway by hate-spewing Trump supporters.

Seweid claimed that on Dec. 1, three drunk white men shouted “Donald Trump” at her while trying to snatch her hijab off her head. What’s more, Seweid lamented in a phony Facebook post that no one on the subway did anything to help her.

Seweid’s story quickly unraveled after a police investigation failed to turn up ANY evidence to corroborate her story. Seweid has since confessed that she made up the entire story because she didn’t want to get in trouble for breaking curfew after staying out late to go drinking with friends.

Seweid, 18, was arranged Wednesday at Manhattan Criminal Court, where she appeared hijab-less, with a shaved head.

Yasmin’s strict Muslim parents forced her to shave her head as punishment for lying and for dating a Christian, sources told the NY Daily News.


The mainstream liberal media immediately pounced on Yasmin Seweid’s story despite the many holes in her FAKE account. Many New Yorkers (like me) were skeptical from the beginning because NYC is one of the most leftist cities in the world.