Posted on October 25, 2016

‘It’s Become Terrible Around Here’: Migrants Call for Merkel to Deport Migrants

Siobhan McFadyen, Express, October 20, 2016

German migrants are hitting out at Angela Merkel’s open door immigration policy and the influx of new migrants saying it has wrecked their standard of living.

The news comes after public broadcaster Rbb24 took to the streets of Berlin’s Berlin’s Neukölln and Kreuzberg districts to discuss the worsening crisis with the public.

And the shocking comments show the scale of resentment brewing in the country as its tries to cope with an influx of millions of people.

Last year Germany welcomed 1.1 million people alone but millions more have flooded into the country over the past five years.

Now foreign nationals who have lived in the country have expressed their concerns about the impact it is having on their standard of living.

One woman who identified herself as a National Democratic Party voter said: “Today’s refugees get social housing, welfare payments. And this, and that, and this. Why?

“I’m a foreigner myself.”

While another woman who wore a bright hijab said: “It’s become a little . . . terrible around here. Not like it used to be.”

”Too many people came to Neukölln. When they come they have to earn a living.

“They have to give something else–don’t give them our apartments for example.

“Don’t give them our jobs.”

Another individual who said he had been in the country for two decades said the city is changing dramatically.

He said: “I’ve had my market here for 20 years.

“It used to be good people around here that bought my goods.

“But now, no one buys anything any more . . .

“The Germans all moved away.

“Now there’s only refugees and foreigners here.”

While another man said authorities have to be tougher on law breakers.

He said: “I’ve been here for almost 39 years, I’m happy, I have a family. I’m proud of my son, I have good children.

“But the foreigners who come now, the ones who came two or three years ago–they’ve caused so much s**t in Germany.

“If I were a German mayor, the mayor of Berlin, I swear to you . . . When these foreigners steal something–even if it’s small–deport them. Immediately.

“But they always ramble about a ‘free country’ and ‘democratic’. What the hell does that even mean?”

Another man who identified himself as African added: “There’s a problem with the rental prices–it’s uncontrollable.

“You can no longer get an apartment where you’d like to. It has become too expensive.”

While a younger person added: “It would be nice if people who don’t have as much money–students or the unemployed, or people who didn’t have the best jobs–it would be great if they could afford a normal apartment and not only ones in the outskirts or way out in the countryside.”