Posted on October 5, 2016

Brussels Stabbing: Two Belgian Police Officers Targeted in Suspected Terror Attack

The Guardian, October 4, 2016

Two police officers have been stabbed in Brussels in an incident that could be terror-related, prosecutors say.

The man stabbed one officer in the neck and the other in the abdomen in the city’s Schaerbeek neighbourhood on Wednesday and then fled the scene.

The assailant was stopped by a second group of police. He broke the nose of one officer, who shot the man in the leg.

The federal prosecutor’s spokesman, Eric Van Der Sypt, said: “We have reason to believe that it is terror-related.” He declined to provide details or explain why prosecutors suspected the attack was linked to terrorism.

Belgium has been on high alert since 32 people were killed in suicide bombing attacks on the Brussels airport and subway on 22 March.