Posted on September 20, 2016

Alt-Right Leaders Hosted a Press Conference to Explain Their Movement. There Was Racism.

German Lopez, Vox, September 19, 2016


In a new video for liberal media watchdog Media Matters, Carlos Maza went to a two-hour press conference held by some of the alt-right’s leaders. Here are just some of the things they said in the course of that press conference, featuring Richard Spencer, who coined the term alt-right, and Jared Taylor, a self-described “white advocate”:

  • “Race is a foundation of identity. You’re a part of something, whether you like it or not.”
  • “When you ask whites to celebrate diversity, you’re asking them to celebrate their dwindling numbers.”
  • “I do not want my country to become one in which my children and grandchildren are not only a racial minority, but at the rate things are going now, a hated and despised minority.”
  • “Why is Africa poor? Why is, on the other hand, Haiti equally poor? … This is because they’re populated by the same people.”
  • “East Asians have the highest IQ–about an average of 102, 103. Next come whites at about 100. Next come Hispanics, which are a very varied population–hard to put a firm figure on them. And then blacks have an average IQ of about 85.”
  • “There’s been an overrepresentation by Jews in intellectuals who have tried to undermine the legitimacy of white racial consciousness.”
  • “Jews have their own identity. They’re not European.”