Posted on July 7, 2016

South Carolina Police: 2 Men Threw Dozens of Fireworks at Chained-Up Dogs

CBS New York, July 6, 2016

Police in South Carolina say two men were arrested after detectives monitoring social media watched a live video of dogs being pelted with fireworks while chained in a backyard over the holiday weekend.

Investigators say the men threw dozens of firecrackers at the dogs Friday in Rock Hill. One dog tried to hide in a shelter, and the men threw fireworks into it.

Police went to the home Tuesday and found fireworks and other evidence. Animal control took the dogs, noting they appeared injured and needed veterinary care. {snip}

Officers charged 25-year-old Tevin Anderson and 21-year-old Deangelo Roseboro with cruelty to animals. {snip}


Tevin Anderson and Deangelo Roseboro

Tevin Anderson and Deangelo Roseboro