Posted on July 7, 2016

Video Captures Brawl at Gates Walmart Involving 30 People

WHEC, July 5, 2016

Police are investigating after a brawl broke out inside the Gates Walmart over the weekend.

We’re told people used baseball bats and canned food to try to protect themselves. There have been a number of issues at the Gates Walmart over the past several months but none compare to this.

Thirty people were involved in the brawl. In a video, some of them were running through the aisles grabbing baseball bats, throwing trash cans. Others threw full cans of food at one another. {snip}

The melee started when two teenagers started taking pictures and making fun of another woman’s outfit.

Gates Police Chief James VanBrederode says, “It was in total chaos when officers got there, it’s just disgusting to see that kind of behavior happening right here.”


“The adults jumped right in with the kids and this is what it turned into,” said Chief VanBrederode.

{snip} Police arrested four people.

“People have no respect for other people and these situations are becoming much more common here in Monroe County,” says the chief.