Posted on July 7, 2016

Bogus Flier Leads to Arrests at Rowdy Rally in Highland Park

Ingrid Kelley, Fox 2 Detroit, July 4, 2016


It all started after residents got a flier telling them they would get a free house and $100,000 if they showed up today–but it turns out it was part of a scam.


It comes after police say Ramzu Yunus led hundreds to Woodward Avenue for what he described as “Black Independence Day.”

“We have a referendum saying we are going independent, we are going to control this city, it’s ours,” Yunus said.

Yunus says a Declaration of Independence means those who sign this referendum are entitled to a home and $100,000.

“We are telling people sign the referendum, withdraw the consent of the government,” he said. “Give their consent to a new council that will give them the home and give them reparations of $100,000 based on city’s assets.”


City officials say this was a scam and that there is no property give away or free money.


“We are all out here trying to get somewhere to live,” said Deborah Porter at the rally. “They need to go home change shifts and let us better ourselves.”

“You want to arrest the people taking your power away from you,” Yunus said to the police.

As the situation got of hand police began to arrest people and take them into custody.